New Year's Day online yoga workshop
Friday 1 January 2021, 14.00 - 16.00 

£20 (please contact for discounted rate if required)  
Send email to book and receive workshop link
2020 has been a tough year full of difficulty, adversity and challenge. But these obstacles and challenges are also an opportunity for growth and transformation. Especially when we can't control what life brings - can we learn to control how we react instead? To not shrink away and become old, limiting patterns and habits but instead choose to connect to our personal power and new possibilities -  meeting difficulty and resistance  with determination and resilence. Or perhaps learn to just be more relaxed and ok with the reality of 'what is'? Can we practice being stronger, flexible, more resilient and peaceful even when life is not going the way we want it to? Working on these things and ourselves is an important practice.
New Year's Day is an auspicious and powerful time and opportunity for making a brand new start and for re-energising and refocusing your yoga practice and life. Come and practice with me as I lead you through an invigorating, transforming and explorative practice incorporating asana, pranayama and meditation that will focus on detoxing, cleansing and purifying the physical, energetic and mental bodies and bring fresh insight, peace and fortitude.  By helping to clear the blockages and stale energy in the system, we help to let go of 2020 (the past) and make space for new possibilites and potentials in 2021.

There will be lots of options so whatever your level of experience, you will be able to work peacefully at your own ‘edge’ and begin 2021 positively - come and set your positive intention for the year to come. 

Please do not eat for at least 2 hours beforehand.