Radical Acceptance: a vinyasa practice to reflect + reset

Triyoga, Soho
Sun 16 December 2018
10.00 - 12.30
The end of the year is a good time to reflect and reset - to take a pause before we get sucked into the busy holiday season of Christmas parties and excess. 

We will nourish and invigorate body mind and spirit with an opening and strengthening 2.5-hour yoga practice that will let us go deep. By working at our individual level, or ‘edge’, and practising with love, compassion and acceptance, we will learn to appreciate where we are and be happy with what is appropriate for us today. This radical acceptance - finding the balance of the desire to improve our practice and ourselves but with complete acceptance without attachment and letting go of ego judgment and over striving - is very liberating! We let go of expectations, of the desired outcome, and become more at peace with life as it is in this moment.

We will practice truthful seeing so that we can really learn to be grateful for exactly who and where we are right here and now and know that actually - we are enough! Come and finish the year positively and discover the perfection of yourselves at this moment right here and now.

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