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Welcome to my Website

Here is where I share with you my love and knowledge of yoga and my experience as a yoga teacher.  Find information about my online yoga classes and workshops which are temporarily replacing my classes in London & South Bucks and Berks, regular workshops, UK yoga weekends  and worldwide yoga retreats in Goa Spain and Greece.

Online Live Streamed Classes

Monday 7.30 - 8.30am 
Tuesday 7.30 - 8.15 pm 
Wednesday 7.30 - 8.30 am  
  Thursday 6 - 7.15 pm  
 Saturday 10 -11.15am 
All classes London time

Especially during these challenging times this is an opportunity to practice from the comfort of your own home

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Working With The Chakras 

Online Workshop for Indaba

Sunday 31 May 2pm - 4pm

A workshop to explore unblocking and balancing the subtle energies of the chakra system.

This yoga workshop will introduce ways of using asana (yoga postures), bija (seed) mantras, toning and visualisation to connect to and work with your chakra energy centres, releasing blocks and clearing a path to self esteem, well being and higher consciousness.



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Transformative yoga retreats
in inspiring locations in the
UK, Europe & Asia.



Take more time and
deepen your practice with
a focused yoga workshop.


"I have never felt more change take  place in myself than in the last week on your retreat!  I now feel like I've woken up and understand how yoga can help improve focus, energy and generally how i feel about the world and myself – wow and thank you"


My classes and retreats are challenging at times, yet peaceful, supportive and fun. I put my heart and soul into my teaching, which I offer up with authenticity, energy and humour.  
It is my intention to encourage you to become more skillful & insightful; to improve your physical practice and experience the spiritual essence of yoga. To feel more at ease with yourself and the world and to find your peaceful centre which is always there beneath the surface.

What my students say

"You are an amazing yoga teacher Jeff. I just experienced the most inspirational, creative, vibrant and deeply transformational retreat  with you. I feel wonderful, energised and inspired on my yoga journey; to go more deeply into my own practice and experiment with my teaching with renewed confidence.  This must have been one of the best yoga retreats in Ibiza"


"Thank you so much for an authentic, well paced (for everyone) and expertly delivered retreat. You are clearly an experienced yoga teacher, offering great depth to your teaching, which you offer up with humour and heart. I have found my still, peaceful, inner space again. Thank you!"


"I'm so glad I came to your UK yoga weekend. You dealt so beautifully and easily with all our different abilities - really gentle, accepting, just enough challenge and encouragement, spirituality and depth, humour and lightness - and some brilliant tips too that I've never heard before, real "lightbulb moment" stuff!!"




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