Yoga Workshops

I teach regular yoga workshops in London and around the UK.  These are a great opportunity for a more detailed exploration and to delve deeper into a particular subject area. Perhaps even exploring areas of yoga that we don’t have time for in a normal yoga class.  We are able to  focus on specifics and gain new insights, tips and tools to transform your practice and understanding. 

"Your yoga workshop left me feeling on top of the world, ready to face anything and believing that all was possible. Everyday should be spent feeling how your yoga workshop left me feeling!"


New Year's Day: Time to Reset + Refocus

New Year's Day Online Workshop
Friday 1 January 2021 1400 - 1600

£20  (contact for discounted rate if required)

2020 has been a tough year full of difficulty, adversity and challenge. But these obstacles and challenges are also an opportunity for growth and transformation...

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Working with the Chakras - A Workshop

An Online Workshop for Inbada

Recording available so you can practice in your own time


A workshop to explore unblocking and balancing the subtle energies of the chakra system.

Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex. In ancient Indian traditions there are seven basic chakras (energy centres). Physically each chakra corresponds exactly to the seven main nerve clusters that run up the spinal column. On an energetic level, the chakras control the circulation of prana (life energy) and relate to states of mind, emotions and ideas. Long held tension, or negative thoughts and beliefs can cause the chakras to become blocked or sluggish.

This yoga workshop will introduce ways of using asana (yoga postures), bija (seed) mantras, toning and visualisation to connect to and work with your chakra energy centres. It will give you a deeper understanding of the chakra system and how different asanas and yogic practices affect and activate different chakras.

By concentrating on the chakras and performing yogic practices that correspond to each chakra, you can stimulate the flow of energy through the chakras, releasing blocks and clearing a path to self esteem, well being and higher consciousness.

This experiential workshop will include physical postures, pranayama, working with sound vibration and visualisaton, prana mudra and a short meditation.

Suitable for all levels except complete beginners.


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What my students say

"Your yoga workshop provided me with a total awakening of my body, mind and my spirit. I am used to doing 'normal length' classes but the opportunity to immerse myself in a full day of yoga completely re-energised my entire being and elevated my sense of awareness to one which I had never experienced before."


"As one of the world’s worst meditators I can honestly say that I have got closer to that point of profound silence in Jeff’s yoga workshop than I have with the many yoga teachers of India with whom I have studied. He is the genuine article – a gifted teacher deeply commitmed to the ancient yoga teachings. He wants to infect everyone with his enthusiasm, but he is very cool and never stuffs it down your throat". 



"I just attended your yoga workshop at Indaba. It was amazing  I truly loved every second of the 3 hours, it went so fast. Your voice was mesmerising and I loved the way you made us explore and play in the poses."


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