Yoga Retreats Common Concerns

 I don’t want to travel on my own’ OR ’I just want my own space’ you have total freedom to curl up with a book, chill out on your own or be as sociable as you like!  – people tend to be pleasantly surprised how easy it is when you meet like minded people with common interests to make friends and generally have a great time.  We get many single travellers coming on our retreats– plus the amazing yoga helps!

‘It’s too expensive!’ If you do the maths – going away on a yoga retreat is actually great value as the accommodation, food and yoga is all included – You rarely spend much more during the retreat (perhaps a massage, or shopping etc!) and on a traditional holiday you would no doubt spend more, once you add together the cost of eating and going out etc. 

 Plus, unlike a normal holiday where you are often busy, over-indulge and feel like you need another holiday afterwards to get over it - after a yoga retreat you will go back home feeling energised, positive and ready to take on life.

"I have never felt more change take  place in myself than in the last week on your retreat!  I now feel like I’ve woken up and understand how yoga can help improve focus, energy and generally how I feel about the world and myself – wow and thankyou"!

‘ It will be too challenging, too much, I’m a beginner’ OR ‘it’ll be too easy for my level, I’m very experienced, I’m a teacher’– I am very used to having a wide range of experience and abilities coming on my retreats and enjoy the challenge of giving lots of options so everyone can work at their appropriate level and have something to work on.  On a recent retreat I taught the youngest person was 25 and the oldest was 69 with many variations of age and ability from beginners to experienced yogis and teachers.   All were able to practice at a level that was appropriately challenging for them.

‘I’ve never been on a yoga retreat before’ , ‘I’m not sure if it's my cup of tea….’ – I often get these comments from ‘newbies’ but if they come it invariably becomes…  – ‘I feel amazing , this is such a special experience– why didn’t I do this sooner?!



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